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This is a parents and teachers partnership.

The aims of the PTP are:

  1. To promote parental involvement in co-creating the St Dominic’s.
  2. Creating opportunities to meet fellow parents and teachers.
  3. Supporting activities to raise money to improve the facilities for our girls.

The PTP committee usually meets once a month. There are other committees that are part of the PTP and these are active at different times of the year depending on the current events, eg Golf Day committee, Playground committee, Swimming Pool committee, Old Girls committee and the Mom’s team.

The mom’s team supports most of the PTP activities.

All parents and teachers are encouraged and invited to participate in this forum.


This group of enthusiastic moms is always willing to help the school wherever their assistance is required. The moms meet once a month in the morning. Working moms’ involvement is appreciated and encouraged.

Some of the activities that we are involved in include:

  • A very successful secondhand shop.
  • Running of MySchool.
  • The playground committee was formed to help and support the teachers and PTP with this venture.
  • Moms help sell tickets at the music picnic.
  • Moms host a teachers’ tea and teacher’s soup day.
  • Helping at the watering holes at the Annual St Dominic’s Golf Day.
  • Moms help with the “spellathon” and, every alternate year, the fun day.
  • Moms assist with the setting up of the Christmas lights at the Annual Carols by Candlelight.

Join our moms’ committee and “work smart not hard”.

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