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Grade 00 Caterpillars

Grade 00

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Grade 00


Education is based on self-discovery. The child learns from everything she experiences and uses her growing powers of awareness and control to educate herself. For this reason the years before primary school should be filled with stimulation and challenge. Children at this stage need to be encouraged to explore the environment.

It is almost impossible to over emphasize the importance of the physical development of the child. It is through the five senses that she experiences the world.

The four year old is so active and energetic, so loud and boastful that it is to be misled into thinking that she is more confident than she really is. She will run rather than walk, shout rather than talk, and will often look to see if an adult or peer has noticed and been impressed by what she is doing. Perhaps the four year old boasts most of all to convince herself that she is able. – A sound foundation, Kim McEvilly 1990

Grade 00 is a year where your daughter will grow emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually. Each girl is seen as an individual and will be treated as such.

Love and cuddles are very important and not a day goes by without this contact.

We are passionate about learning, and guide and help each child develop to their full potential.

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