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We start each day at 07h35 with a Bible reading and a prayer.At 12 noon each day the Angelus Bell reminds us all to pray.  We down tools for a few minutes to spend some time with God.

The School Chapel is always available for anyone who would like to pray there.

It is an expressed condition of a pupil’s admission to the school that she attends Mass and participates fully in religious education classes.
The philosophy of St Dominic’s is to create an ethos of learning where the growth and development of the whole person is a priority.  We believe that the potential of each pupil is realised in an environment where space is provided for the creative expression of the individual.
St Dominic’s strives to provide a community environment where we witness to Gospel Values, especially the values of justice, love, truth and respect for the dignity of each person.

We recognise that PARENTS are the first and foremost educators of their children and that each girl in our school has been and will continue to be socialised and educated into the family’s culture and ways of living.  We deeply respect this and appeal to parents to work with us, not against us.  We encourage parents to give us their trust and co-operation, to support the various activities of school life including the expression of our lived faith in our liturgies, in our outreach to the poor and the weak, and in collaboration with us as part of the school community.

All TEACHERS are expected to embody our philosophy in their lives and in their professional relationships.  They are expected to participate in all the aspects of our school life: religious, social and academic, and to view teaching as a Christian ministry.

In respect of LEARNERS, we are committed to providing opportunities for them to experience God in the wonders of Creation, in the learning situation and in the service of others.  We undertake to prepare them through creative academic training towards a vocational view of life. Moreover we endeavour to develop a critical sense and a courageous ardour which will enable them to challenge injustice and forces which threaten human life.

As a school community we celebrate the sacredness of all life and endeavour to develop fully the potential of what it means to be a person.  We try to do all this within the framework of the Incarnation.


Sports Arena of St Mary’s University College

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Dear young friends,

First of all, I want to say how glad I am to be here with you today. I greet you most warmly, those who have come to Saint Mary’s University from Catholic schools and colleges across the United Kingdom, and all who are watching on television and via the internet. I thank Bishop McMahon for his gracious welcome, I thank the choir and the band for the lovely music which began our celebration, and I thank Miss Bellot and Elaine for her kind words on behalf of all the young people present. In view of London’s forthcoming Olympic Games, it has been a pleasure to inaugurate this Sports Foundation, named in honour of Pope John Paul II, and I pray that all who come here will give glory to God through their sporting activities, as well as bringing enjoyment to themselves and to others.

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