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Mr Roger Loring Headmaster

Mr Roger Loring

Thank you for taking the time to visit St Dominic’s web site.

At St Dominic’s we strive to provide our pupils with a special education embracing not only excellent academic instruction, but also sound Christian values and principles which we believe form the basis of a mature and responsible adulthood. Before you consider committing your daughter to our care, we would like to share with you the ethos of St Dominic’s.

As a Catholic School, St Dominic’s is dedicated to the development of the Whole Person since all human values find their fulfillment and unity in Christ. These values must pervade the whole atmosphere and ethos of the school. This transmission takes place through formal lessons but we always bear in mind that “values are caught, and not taught”.

Within our structure, pupils are accepted for who they are and not for what they achieve although we encourage each girl to reach her full potential in every field.
We aim to make pupils and teachers feel at ease while relating to one another in an open respectful and trusting atmosphere. There must be development of the intellect and there is an honoured place for academic excellence; however, this intellectual development occurs within the context of the development of the whole person.

We invite our parents to become involved in the school and in the educating process. We aim at building home and school into a purposeful and dynamic partnership. Together we take appropriate recognition of an adequate preparation for the practical demand of living in South Africa today and tomorrow. This preparation includes the cultivation of the necessary skills and attitudes to foster critical thinking and independence of thought.

St Dominic’s is committed to work, to self-discipline and to excellence.



St Dominic’s catholic School for Girls is owned by the Newcastle Dominican Sisters. The Region Prioress, Sr Anne Cunningham, resides in Newcastle London, and is ultimately responsible for the Newcastle Dominican Schools. Sr Anne Walsh is entrusted in looking after the Newcastle Dominican Schools in South Africa.
As owners of St Dominic’s Boksburg, St Catherine’s Germiston, St Columbus Benoni and Our Lady Fatima Durban, the Region Prioress appoints a Board of Governors to run and manage the school on their behalf.

St Dominic’s School Governing Board

Chairman Mr Martin Matthysen
Vice Chairman Dr Munisi
Finance Mr Clement Chamboko
Bursaries Mr Mike Hill
Headmaster Mr Roger Loring
Principal High School Mrs Sharon Fitzgerald
Principal Junior School Mrs Yvonne Van Dyk
Principal Pre-grade School Mrs Debbie Meyer
Secretary Mrs Wendy Buchwald
Estate Manager Mr Anthony Kindon
Region Prioress representative Sr Felicity Cunningham
Sisters representative Sr Lynda Van Oudtshoorn and Sr Audrey
Parish Priest Fr Tony Thouard
Owner St Dominic’s is a Non-Profit Organization that is governed by the Board of Governors.  The business of the School is run on the property of the Dominican Sisters

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